2020 Inglês Completo Radiante Rider-Waite Tarot, Jogo De Cartas Com O Inglês Folheto De Instruções De Rider Waite Tarot, Jogo De Tabuleiro


Etiquetas: pano de tarô, jogo, tarô de convés, jogo de cartas, jogo de tabuleiro, mazo tarô rider, esquema de ponzi, baralho tarot, ghost vara, tarot.

SKU : s662 Categoria:loja

Tamanho do cartão : cerca de 120*70mm

Material: Papel

contém : 78 cartas,1 inglês Folheto de Instruções

Peso: 260 g

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  • Salaobellahair  — 

    Only one word is great! And cardboard and printing is very good quality. Packed is also very good. Very thick navel on all sides. Thank you very much!

  • Bobbotak  — 

    Thank you very much for the excellent packaging .... nothing, nowhere is it crumpled and not bent. The cards are dense, the size is as stated 12/7 cm. Excellent Product, seller and store success and prosperity... 5 +.

  • Viktor854  — 

    I was looking for cards of normal classic size for a low price. That's the only thing I found. I'll say that... Price = quality. I liked the goods. Nuances!!!! 1. error is on 10 cups (1 photo). I personally do not interfere with it 2. thin 3. pictures look similar. Like coloring. Example Photo 3 and 4. left this item, right my deck is old